About Us

F1 ACCOUNTING is a public accounting firm that provides full cycle accounting services. Our motto is “On Demand Service.”

We believe in continuous advancements towards improving one's business process. We are the team of forward looking, continuous learning and advancement seekers. Every step of our services are analysed and tweaked spontaneously for future improvements and gains. We strive towards the economies of operations and time management.

In todays age, information is power and time is money. We design our software to work in conjunction with hardware, so you can save time and money whether you are using dated or the latest in gadgets. What sets us apart as a company is the service we provide to our clients. Our service is the driving force of the company, therefore most of our investment goes into helping our clients to improve their business operations and save time/money.

We provide a one portal solution with services ranging from payroll, time attendance, bookkeeping, taxes, payment processing, reports,  to correspondence and corporate registry activities. We specialise in providing services for small to medium sized businesses.

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