PAYROLL: We provide a full suite of payroll services. Pay checks and pay stub printing, scheduling, time clock function, T4, payroll reconciliations, record of employment, electronic funds transfer. True on demand payroll with instant reports and payment process. Employee confirmation letter, job contract and other employee related correspondence.

GST/HST FILING: Recording transactions with the aim to claim every single nickel spent towards GST/HST. Detailed data entry method is the only way to capture GST/HST related transactions in order to claim actual input tax credit according to the GST/HST rules. Monthly, quarterly, yearly, GST/HST filing, GST/HST reconciliations, dealing with CRA, GST/HST audits

WCB FILING: Account activation, annual return filing, dealing with WCB.

BOOKKEEPING: Professional scale bookkeeping with electronic payment processing and a check printing facility. Each transaction is analysed and entered to the appropriate area. Each transaction is reviewed in order to remove mistakes and accomplish the completeness of data.

SUBCONTRACT SLIPS: T slips for subcontract jobs calculations of subcontract for each company and their reconciliations. Verification of each subcontract GST/HST account status and WCB account status.

CORPORATE AND PERSONAL TAX RETURNS: preparation of corporate taxes and personal taxes. Expert approach to deal with the taxes. compilation of year around planning of taxes.

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND REPORTS: Preparation of financial statements within the capacity of Notice to reader. System generated scheduled reports, graphs and charts to help understand the business economies and external economic effect on your business.

CONSULTATION AND ADVICE: Tax and business advise. Year around collaboration on various activities related to business.

TAILORING THE PORTAL:  We have the capability to design the portal of each client according their business needs and requirements.  Our portal is designed to portray the simplicity, efficiency and ease of use while the rest of the system is running and performing complicated activities in order to produce the periodic results.   Our system is designed with giving our clients an opportunity to have a more hands-on approach to dealing with their business matters.  Through this approach the client is able to gain a better insight of their business matters.  This in turn increases the chance of a successful business for our clients.

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